Explore A World Of Fantasy And Romance

Fiction lets you explore a world that exists only in your deepest fantasies. The words within are a powerful form of therapy. They blur the lines between reality and fancy, transcending the limits of your thought to the illimitable. And somewhere amid this, romance blossoms.

Sherrel Lee

Hi, romance and fantasy readers worldwide! This is Sherrel Lee and I welcome you to my world of imagination!

Fantasy romance isn’t just a genre; it’s an opportunity to explore the concealed part of your mind that conjures up things. To that end, I pen books where reality and imagination fade into one another. Creating epic plotlines and narratives is what I do best.
I am passionate about…

  • Urban Fantasy: Stories set in urban backdrops

  • Erotica: Stories that fan the flames of steamy romantic suspense

Versatility is a writer’s greatest asset and I’m blessed with it. Over the years, I’ve developed a personal writing style adapted for various genres. From genetic engineering to mythology, mystery, paranormal romance, alternate history, and stories that spotlight Native American cultures, I ignite my imagination to attract an audience. Prepare to meet shapeshifters, gods and goddesses, dragons, werewolves, merman and all the tropes of fiction you love fantasizing.

About Me

In 2013, I was in top three entrants for The Kiss of Death Contest for my first book The Secrets of White Chapel. Being an avid reader myself, I focus on creating a community of people who love reading. Get to know some of my writings with one of the Free Books from the Free Books page.