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Sherrel Lee

Valens Remembered, Book 1 - The Story Begins - Urban Fantasy (The Valens of Legacy)

Death. Loss. Discovery. An awakening.

Being threatened by a sinister force, Larinda Nix Thomas can't trust her closest allies--including Griffin Hawke--the one person she thought she could rely on in her darkest hours. And when fate steps in, Larinda is forced to take her place among the powerful shapeshifting Valens, which brings about more changes and challenges than she ever knew existed.
While runaway, Jemma Nix is battling challenges of her own as she struggles to remain safe in a world of mistrust and danger. Can these two women, who have no recollections of their pasts, uncover their true stories while journeying into the world of the Valens?

Valens Rise, Book 2, Urban Fantasy(The Valens of Legacy)

Distrust. Betrayal. Confusion. Danger.

Overwhelmed with distrust and doubt, shapeshifter Jemma Nix uncovers her family's legacy. As Jemma delves deeper into the truth--the truth becomes too hard to bear. Her family may have been murdered.

With anguish and uncertainty, Jemma doesn't know who to trust or who to turn to. As she turns her back on the one man who may be able to guide her, the man she may love, Jemma makes a fateful and dangerous decision--a decision that places the once powerful Valens in dire jeopardy.

Sherrel Lee
Sherrel Lee

Valens Revenge - Urban Fantasy, Book 3 (The Valens of Legacy)

Vengeance. A disappearance. Silence. The ultimate betrayal.

On a quest to avenge the death of one of their own, the Valens shape shifters set out to conquer the enemies who desire their eradication. But when one of Jemma Nix's most valued investigators, Declan Sedna, vanishes, his disappearance leaves an unprecedented void in the connection she has and needs with the Valens. Not being able to sense even the smallest thread of energy, Jemma fears for Declan's life. Finding him becomes a matter of life and death--for all of them.

But finding Declan means uncovering an incredible betrayal that changes it all.

Valens Requested - Urban Fantasy - Book 4 (The Valens of Legacy)

Heritage. Obligation. Family. Love.

Fighting tradition, Fae princess ElynaFaylinn escapes to the world of the Valens to avoid marrying a suitor selected by her brother. Intrigued by the Valens, Elyna's journey takes a dark twist as he stumbles upon a serial killing claiming his prize--a discovery that throws her into the path of Gabriel Dolan, a handsome detective who's hellbent on protecting her from the monstrous killer she witnessed.

But as a member of the Fae Royalty, Elyna is strictly forbidden from forming anything more than an acquaintance with humans. Now it's up to magic to save them--which is against her heritage to use. Elyna must make a choice: save the man while blazing her own path or ignore the danger while staying true to heritage. Will she choose love or family--or both?

Sherrel Lee
Sherrel Lee

Valens Rebel, Urban Fantasy, Book 5 (The Valens of Legacy)

She was valiant, admired, a master of her world...But that was then.

Discovering that Miranda Shaw, an admired member of the Legacy team is still alive sends the Valens into turmoil on a dark path of suspicion and guilt. The once valiant and respected guardian betrayed them and is now pitting her skills against those who once confided in her. Now a deadly assassin, Miranda will stop at nothing to betray them all--her lover, her allegiance, and her legacy. It's up to the Valens to take down the one person they loved and trusted once and for all.

Valens Reclaimed, Urban Fantasy, Book 6 (The Valens of Legacy)

Dark. Desperate. Hatred. Unbearable and unspeakable lives.

Finally understanding and accepting her heritage, Jemma Nix sets out to rescue the lost children living harsh and horrifying lives, battling the dangers of the streets. Jemma calls on veteran, Carol Birk, who vows to save these lost souls to help them safely reach adulthood as guardian Valens--a feat easier wished than done. The Throwaways have no idea what is to come, but leading them to sanctuary is their only hope. Otherwise their lives will take dark and desperate turns that will fill them with hate and anger as they are not reclaimed. Lives that Jemma refuses to deny. She's on a mission--a mission she might regret.

Sherrel Lee
Sherrel Lee

Graveyard Rising (Featuring Misty from the Valens of Legacy)

Tell Misty, the youngest shapeshifter of the Valens of Legacy, not to go somewhere and she has to do the exact opposite. On All Hallows Eve she tempts fate by going out alone to a cemetery where she is pulled into an alternate realm. Follow Misty's adventure to the Realm of Mystery where there is a Graveyard Rising. Released just in time for Halloween.