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Sherrel Lee

Secret of Whitechappel
You Only Think YOU Know the Story. Jack the Ripper was the first serial killer to capture the interest of people around the world. The news stirred the public with speculation, tales of horror, and taunts though letters to the police, news editors, and even a citizen who spoke out as though he had some knowledge of the crime. The police were hampered by the destruction of the crime scenes, the lack of forensics, and their own inability to determine why these women were killed. What made the killer escalate with rage as he murdered his prey? Was there a personal reason Mary Kelly was mutilated as she was? The Secret of Whitechapel gives you a look at some the possible answers to these questions. Meet Rowena Radcliffe, doctor and a rebel of Victorian society, and Garret de Gray, the man she doesn't want to love. They gather the clues to the horrifying events that occurred on Victorian England’s streets, and find the killer. They want to discover the answers to all the questions and Garret wants Rowena back.