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Stolen Memories, a Magical Steamy romance
Memories are locked away, and must be released to banish the wrongs that have been done.

A Stolen Hearts Valentines Tale

Kinsey loved Shawn to much to risk the consequences of being together, forcing her to make him leave. The wrong choice would have opened the forbidden lovers to pain, banishment and death. He is a warlock, she a lowly quarterling. They come from different worlds, worlds that have warred for centuries and their love is doomed. Until someone steals the locket and key left to her by her mother and Kinsey must make the call and ask for Shawn's help. . The Stolen memories of a witches coven must be released and is their only chance at love.

Sherrel Lee
Sherrel Lee

Deadly Bequest, Book 1, (Sensual Pursuits)
There are no rules in love…

Sensual and experimental, Dani Brandt has always believed in sexual exploration. When her uncle dies, leaving her his estate, Dani hires Raylan Meeks to investigate her uncle's mysterious death. With many enemies, her uncle left explicit instructors for private investigator, Aiden Westmoreland to protect Dani in the event of his death.

As Raylan and Aiden work together to protect her and uncover information on her uncle's death, Dani becomes seemingly attracted to both of them. With growing desire and need, Dani reveals her passion for the men. Are her desires too dangerous for these men who swore to "serve and protect her" or will they serve her in the way she's always fantasized?

Dangerous Desires Book 2: (Sensual Pursuits)
Desire has no boundaries.

Learning dark secrets about a local shelter for runaways, Dani Brandt and Aiden Westmoreland go undercover at a newly established BDSM club, searching for lost children that are being sold to traffickers.  While on assignments, Dani and Aiden explore the world of bondage domination and masochism, stretching their boundaries and no longer denying their darkest fantasies.

Rescuing one of the children, Raylan Meeks is shot--and vulnerable.  Admitting his true feelings for his lifelong friend, Aiden, Raylan must wait for Aiden's reaction to his confession. After exploring new sexual avenues, wll Aiden want to take a path with Raylan that he's never traveled before?

Sherrel Lee
Sherrel Lee

The Sisterhood, Book 3, (Sensual Pursuits)
When love is put to the ultimate test…

Vonn Chase and Cynthia Bruster, lovers and the newest members of the Westmoreland, Meeks, and Brandt Investigations are sent undercover to a local private college.  Students, exploring their sexuality, have gone a little too far.  A member of their elite sex club is found murdered, and it's up to Cyn and Vonn to uncover why.

As they are thrust into a world of depravity and intrigue, Vonn fears her relationship with Cynthia cannot withstand the challenge the club presents.

Bound (Sensual Pursuits)
Danger, Destruction, and Sizzling Desire

Westmoreland, Meeks, and Brant is changing and is now Storm Security, Dani Brant, Aiden Westmoreland and Raylan Meeks, the company's owners and ménage wants to grow and become a quad of four committed lovers. But first they must save and protect their prospective member, Rebecca McFarland from those who wish to kill her. A new program she supports is threatened, security guards murdered, and a bomb explodes. Dani becomes Rebecca's new bodyguard but must fight her desires to remain professional.

Dani loves Rebecca, but she still loves Aiden and Raylan even as they explore their own special love.
Surprised, Rebecca determines the thought of becoming a voyeur and exhibitionist, and her desire to be dominated, bound and spanked, makes her willing and wet.

Sherrel Lee
Sherrel Lee

Night Visions [Watercreek Guardians] (Siren Publishing Classic)
Violent visions, murdered women, and the hunt for a killer...

Detective Dae Kelly refuses to believe visions and shape-shifters are real, even when she sees the crimes occur in her dreams. Night Guardian, Leopold Cheveyo, a Watercreek Tribal Council Investigator, is assigned to partner with Dae to hunt for the killer. They must track down the murderer, a hybrid shape-shifter driven mad by the two spirits that inhabit his body, the spirits that shield him from detection by the night guardians. Hurt too many times in the past, Dae is drawn to Leo and wants to touch and taste. Even as she believes she is fated to never find love and tries desperately to ignore her desires. Bewildered, she finds she can't stop wanting him, needing him, and craving his skilled touch in bed. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Night of Terror [Watercreek Guardians 2] (Siren Publishing Allure)
The Watercreek Tribal Council accepts Jason Little Horn's current union with Bradley O'Brien but demands he accept Maize Elkhorn as his guardian mate, stating she may be open to making their marriage a ménage. He never has the opportunity to discuss the ménage, since Maize refuses to accept the dictates of the council even as she finds herself drawn to Jason. She ends up leaving the tribal lands to accept an office job for the strip club owners who employ her friend Carley. Bradley breathes a sigh of relief since he opposes her marriage to his lover. Jason is investigating, as part of the Mesa PD task force, the robberies and murder of several women when Maize and Carley are drugged and kidnapped by the same group. Jason becomes desperate to find her when he has visions of her increasing peril. As a shapeshifter, she is able to help herself and her friend escape and meets helpful Watercreek shapeshifter David Best, who conveniently arrives and provides desperately needed water. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Sherrel Lee
her wolf

Artemis Defends Her Wolf
Having opened a new detective agency with her eleven sisters, Artemis accepts her first case, find the burglars that are stealing from the wealthy homeowners in Houston. When her physic abilities are interrupted by man she meets she decides he must be at the heart of the thefts, but the mistake puts her and those she loves in grave danger. The dark wizard angered at her ability to temporarily block his magic begins attacks on her, her family, and others she loves. But he is not the only dangerous one she must face. She must battle the wizard and the thieves that come at her armed and ready to do them harm.

Forbidden Seaside Treasures: All 5 short stores in one collection!
Wicked Discovery, Book 1
Involuntary Voyeur, Book 2
Meet the Neighbors, Book 3
Solitary Pleasures, Story 4
Phantom Pleasures, Book 5

Sherrel Lee