Project Description

Danger, Destruction, and Sizzling Desire

Westmoreland, Meeks, and  Brant is changing and is now Storm Security,   Dani Brant, Aiden Westmoreland and Raylan Meeks, the  company’s owners and  ménage wants to grow and become a quad of four committed lovers. But first they must save and protect their prospective member, Rebecca McFarland from those who wish to kill her.  A new program she supports is threatened, security guards murdered and a bomb explodes.  Dani becomes Rebecca’s new bodyguard, but must fight her desires to remain professional.

Unsuccessful, Dani invites Rebecca to complete the quad when she can no longer suppress her feelings. But Rebecca has a decision to make. Can she be comfortable being watched by the men when she and Dani make love, and watching when the men and Dani or the two men make love to each other. Dani loves  Rebecca but she still loves Aiden and Raylan even as  they explore  their own special love.

Surprised, Rebecca determines the thought of becoming a voyeur and exhibitionist, and her desire to be dominated, bound and spanked, makes her willing and wet.

A MFM, FF, MM story of accepting each other for who they are.


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