//New Series, New Release

New Series, New Release

It’s been a long time, but finally I have a new series and new release for the erotica fans,


Drawn into a dark abyss, attacked by demons, torn from her bed during a hurricane, Artemis Mathison invades a demon wizard’s mind, claiming newfound magic to force him to reverse his dark magic spells .

Having opened a new detective agency with her eleven sisters, Artemis accepts her first case, find the burglars that are stealing from the wealthy homeowners in Houston. When her physic abilities are interrupted by a man she meets she decides he must be at the heart of the thefts, but the mistake puts her and those she loves in grave danger. The dark wizard angered at her ability to temporarily block his magic begins attacks on her, her family, and others she loves. But he is not the only dangerous one she must face. She must battle the wizard and the thieves that come at her armed and ready to do them harm.

Watch for contests with an opportunity to wing an exclusive paperback book of Artemis. This edition is not available by sale anywhere.


Now available at  Passion In Print At Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble


About the Author:

Sherrel Lee lives in a land called Texas and is the wrangler of a fearsome Yorkiepoo named Rogue Little Woof

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